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5 Tips for Traveling to Waterfall

5 Tips for traveling to waterfall

Besides the beach, the traveler who likes to play water usually comes to the waterfall. But before it comes down to it, there are some important things in order for your holiday to remain comfortable holiday.

Waterfall offers a breath of fresh air and green scenery. Here are 5 things you should know if you want to take a vacation to the waterfall:

1. Wear warm clothes and bring a change of clothes
The air around the waterfall is usually pretty cold, so do not forget to wear warm clothes. This outfit can warm your body. In addition, there is the risk of your clothes getting wet. Bring a dry change of clothes if you intend to play some water.

2. Careful with direct water spill
Standing just below the waterfall running is fun. There is a sensation like a massage once the body exposed to running water. But for safety's sake, you should avoid standing directly under running waterfall. You never know what items are carried by the flow of the waterfall. It could be a piece of driftwood suddenly fall from the waterfall.

3. Stop playing water if it is raining
Once the rain arrives, do not even get happy. Immediately stop playing water. Typically, the waterfall will issue a very heavy flow when it rains. If it is a strong stream, you might get washed away.

4. Wary of wild animals
The area around the waterfall is usually still preserved. So do not be surprised if you see wild animals like monkeys there. Even though it looks funny, you should always be alert to their presence. Do not disturb and be too careless. Wild animals can be meddlesome and doing unpleasant acts.

5. Keep clean
This is the most important thing that must be considered. As a responsible traveler, you should always maintain the cleanliness around the waterfall. Dispose of waste in place, if necessary; bring your own special plastic bags to dispose garbage.

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Kate mengatakan...

One more tip... wear water shoes. It is usually rocky/slippery at the bottom when entering the water (for the waterfalls where you can swim)... I hate slipping on mossy wet rocks or on sharp rocks and cutting my feet, so I always wear water shoes with a good non-slip rubber sole.

emi mengatakan...

love these! great tips :)

xo welltraveledwife.com

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