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Tips for Choosing a Children-Friendly Hotel

Tips for Choosing a Children-Friendly Hotel

More and more hotels in tourist destinations are increasingly attentive to the needs of children. Yes, parents should be thinking the needs of the child when they planning a travel.

Not all hotels provide special care or facilities to children, especially the baby's needs. Keep in mind, children should feel free to move within the hotel without worrying other guests there who will feel disturbed.

However, how to choose a hotel that is friendly to small children? Here are simple tips on how to choose a hotel that is friendly to the children, especially for children at the age of 12 years.

Hotel facilities.

When choosing a hotel, make sure you know what the facilities are owned by a hotel. Hotel who considers children as guests usually provide some facility for children. Call it the start of the kids club or the play area for the kids indoor.

And usually, the hotel also has a playground or a play area for children outdoor. While in the pool, swimming pools for adults and children are separated. Some hotels even have water rides in the pool for kids such as a water slide.

There are also hotels that provide a nursing room for baby. Or, just the room for changing diapers and feeding the baby. Make sure also, the hotel's restaurant has a menu for the kids.

Terrace rooms.

Check the rooms that will be stayed. Do the rooms have a terrace or not. If there is a terrace, is there a patio limiting the distance and safely out of the reach of children. Note also the height of the floor.

If a room does not have a patio, how is the room window? Is it safe from the reach of the little guy? This is important especially if you live in the room in high floors. If possible, choose a room on the lower floors.

In-room kitchenette.

It is better when choosing a hotel; you also consider opting for a hotel room with the concept of mini kitchen. This will allow you time to prepare the milk for your baby. If you have a toddler son, kitchenettes also help you prepare for their food.

Spacious rooms.

The more spacious a room is the more expensive the price. However, now many hotels with standard room size are quite extensive. Find rooms that are quite spacious, ranging from about 18 square meters. The more you have children, then the more spacious the room you are looking for.

Spacious rooms will make your child feel comfortable playing without fear of bumping into stuff around. Note also whether the room is too much furniture or not. The simpler, the better the room.


Choose a hotel that has a garden. Parks can be a child’s play area. He will be able to run freely without disturbing other guests. Typically, children are active and always want to run in the lobby area.

Small children tend to see a spacious room as a play area. Not surprisingly, the hotels spacious lobby will become  an exciting area for small children to run. Well, you could take the child to the garden to channel his passion of running.


No less important is to choose a hotel based on location. Find a hotel close to the tourist spot that you have planned to visit. This is to reduce the time during the trip.

Type of hotel.

Indeed accommodation fitting for a family is a family resort hotel concept. However, not all tourist destinations provide the resort. The price is too expensive. Another option is a business hotel or a budget hotel.

Although it is a business hotel, usually the hotels also provide a range of facilities for children. Therefore, in a typical day too, sometimes guests staying on a business trip, was forced to bring their children to participate.

So, when parents have to attend a meeting, the child is usually entrusted to the kids club. Therefore, some of the hotel also provides babysitting facility or caregiver. If it is a business hotel that you seek, consider again the facilities and security for your child.

As for budget hotel, they usually don’t have facilities for child. Just make sure you choose the widest room for easy movement of your child. Ask also at the hotel of your children needs while bringing your child stay at the hotel.

For example, certain foods your children needs. If the hotel found it difficult to meet your needs, you should just look for another hotel. Nothing wrong with paying more for the sake of the child, rather than you don’t enjoy your vacation with your children.

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